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‘France have lost control!’ Ex Royal Navy officer slams Macron on migrant chaos in Channel | Politics | News

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The number of people who have made the dangerous journey across the English Channel in small boats this year has passed the total for all of 2020 – with more than five months left of 2021. At least 287 migrants succeeded in reaching the UK on Tuesday, bringing the total for the year to at least 8,452, according to available official data compiled by the PA news agency. The UK government has since announced it will send French authorities a further £54.2 million to help stem the flow of migrants crossing the Channel in small boats.

Dr Chris Parry has said President Macron has “lost control”.

Speaking to GB News, he said: “The French have lost control of their offshore zone.

“They’re incapable of patrolling and intercepting traffic at sea and in their territorial seas.

“I think we have to accept that certain French politicians are complicit in illegal activity.

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“All of this I’m afraid is down to the French and they are more than capable of patrolling their own coastline.

“The surveillance technology exists to do it and it is simply a case of importing cross-Channel protocols and international law in relation to what’s coming off the French coast.

“There’s a limit to what we can do once people are at sea. If they put themselves in a situation where they have to be rescued under international law, any country, any agency has to intervene to help them.

“I must stress that this is down to the fact that the French are failing to stop people getting to sea, putting themselves into a dangerous situation and of course if there’s a tragedy, it’s entirely down to the French being unable to control their own offshore zone.”

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