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LG is giving away its best TVs for FREE! Just beware of one catch

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If your current television is in dire need of an upgrade then LG is offering a tempting reason to switch on something new. The Korean technology firm has just announced a new incentive which will offer some customers the chance to take delivery of one of its latest OLED models for free. Considering some of the TVs that are part of this promotion are worth over £4,000 this is a pretty epic offer.

Announcing the deal, LG said: “LG OLED TV Promotion – Save big and have the chance to win all your money back on the purchase of a new 2021 OLED TV.” All of the UK’s big retailers including Currys, John Lewis and Very are taking part in the promotion which starts today and ends on October 12.

Now, before you get too excited about a new 4K TV arriving on your doorstep without you paying anything for it there is one fairly big catch.

LG wants you to buy the telly first with some owners then being handed back their cash at a later date.

The firm says at least 10 winners will be randomly drawn and awarded a cash back amount equal to the total cost they paid to purchase the TV.

Here are some of the models available

• LG OLED77G1 – £4,499 – SEE THE TV HERE
• LG OLED65G1 – £2,499 – SEE THE TV HERE
• LG OLED55G1 – £1,599 – SEE THE TV HERE
• LG OLED83C1 – £5,999 – SEE THE TV HERE
• LG OLED77C1 – £3,499 – SEE THE TV HERE
• LG OLED65C1 – £1,899 – SEE THE TV HERE
• LG OLED55C1  – £1,299 – SEE THE TV HERE
• LG OLED48C1 – £1,099 – SEE THE TV HERE
• LG OLED77B1 – £3,199 – SEE THE TV HERE
• LG OLED65B1 – £1,799 – SEE THE TV HERE
• LG OLED55B1 – £1,199 – SEE THE TV HERE
• LG OLED77A1 – £2,999 – SEE THE TV HERE
• LG OLED65A1 – £1,499 – SEE THE TV HERE
• LG OLED55A1 – £999 – SEE THE TV HERE
• LG OLED48A1 – £899 – SEE THE TV HERE

If you were thinking of buying a new telly anyway it could be worth a try as you might find you get all of your money back.

If you buy one of these tellies then simply head to LG’s dedicated website, here, to register things and keep your fingers crossed that you are one of the lucky ones.

News of this deal comes as LG recently announced a telly they definitely won’t be giving away for free.

The firms new 325-inch 8K cinema screen will be available to anyone with £1.3million in the bank and very big walls.

In the past, these giant tellies have only been available to commercial customers but that’s all changed with LG now thought to be allowing anyone with enough money to buy one.

If your numbers have come up on the Lotto then make sure you book some builders as you’re going to need some help getting the 900Kg screen screwed to your home.

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